The Importance of Cross Training

So you want to start doing races. Great! Get lifting!


Yes, unfortunately to be a successful runner, particularly one that participates in distance races, you have to do more than just running.

But fear not! There are so many cross training options out there for you. Into weight lifting? Great! Enjoy rock climbing? Go for it! Love putting on leotards and dancing to old Jane Fonda tapes? Hey, whatever gets you moving. The point is, pick something that is a good whole body workout. Just doing straight cardio all of the time will be great for your stamina, but you’re going to hurt. A lot. And your muscles may not be able to keep up with your lungs and heart.

This is just an example of a weekly training schedule. It is my training schedule, in fact. What is Muay Thai, you ask? Simply put, it’s kickboxing. And boy, does it work your whole body.

The biggest thing you should take away from that schedule is that there are REST DAYS. Never forget rest days. Do not, DO NOT try and train every day of the week forever. This is how you over exert yourself and end up getting some pretty bad injuries. And then you won’t be able to run. And that would be a tragedy.

Also, always remember that sometimes, shit happens. You may have to take a few days or even a week off because of an injury, illness, alien abduction, etc… It happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and just do what you can to get back on track.

For some motivation, feel free to use this playlist.

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