Running Recap: Princess Half Marathon Weekend

22.4 miles.

That’s how long this weekend was. I can’t even count it in hours, just miles.

And let me tell you, my body is feeling every single one of those miles today.

This weekend was my 3rd Princess weekend and my 4th Challenge course/Half Marathon.

It was also my dad’s 2nd 5k!

Like father, like daughter.

We walked the 5k, since his leg is still adjusting after his injury. But we still kept a brisk pace, and frankly outpaced some runners.

The 10k the next day was….humid. Like, really humid. Obscenely humid, even for Florida.

Accidental shirt twins.

We made pretty good time. I may or may not have been that asshole that started running uphill through Epcot. And we definitely finished drenched in sweat, despite there being a relatively cool breeze going.

Aren’t we adorable?

After the 10k, we actually got to help out with a proposal by one of the other charity runners to his girlfriend. She said yes, there was confetti. It was a good time.

Then came the half marathon.

I started out with very little sleep, despite going to bed at 5pm the night before. Then, on the way to the corral, I realized I didn’t have my phone. Fortunately, the lovely lady above was able to call my phone so we could make sure it was still at the charity tent.

This wasn’t a problem since I was running with two other people, so we could entertain each other for 13 miles.

Except I lost them at mile 2.

I tried. Really, I did.

I tried for a mile and a half to find them again. But the sea of thousands of runners made that pretty impossible. Eventually I had to resign myself to the fact that I would be running the rest of the half marathon without music. Alone.

I had gone into this race without any goal time because it was so muggy out and I had been pretty lax on training. Now that I no longer had any other form of entertainment, I decided to just power through the race as quickly as I could. I wanted to finish in 3 hours. My final time was 3:03.

The fateful picture I was in the middle of posting when I left my phone at the tent.
I had more than enough of the Jonas Bros by this point.

Once I finished, I honestly felt like my knees had been rammed by a car. I think I sat at the tent icing my knees for a good 20 minutes.

On the plus side, I did get a wonderful glass of champagne as a congrats for getting accepted for my PhD. (SURPRISE!)

Look at this beauty.

What did this run teach me?

  1. I can’t pace for shit without music.
  2. Silence is better than Jonas Bros and Miley Cyrus on repeat.
  3. WEAR SUNSCREEN. (I forgot mine, and now I look like a lobster.)

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