Self Motivation

Since I know a few of you are following this in hopes you’ll find the motivation and inspiration to start your running journey, I figured I would start off with a post about just that.

I’ll be totally upfront with you, there are plenty of days where I have ZERO motivation to run. In fact, I have a very love/hate relationship with running. I’ve never been a particularly athletic person. In fact, for the longest time, I really struggled with my weight and physical fitness. Typically, I would use my asthma as an excuse to not fully participate in whatever I was doing. Frankly, in retrospect, I wish I hadn’t done that and had been more involved in things like cross country. But, hindsight is 20/20.

This brings me to my main point of this post. The difference between PERCEIVED limitations and TRUE limitations.

Perceived limits are just that: what you believe to be your constraints. Your legs are starting to get tired. You’re starting to feel a bit winded. Your mouth is dry, so you must be dehydrated. Your back is starting to ache. All of these become excuses to stop. However, they are just that. Excuses. Walk for a minute or two. Stop and stretch. Drink some water. Fix your form. Easy fixes for you to continue to push forward and complete your run.

True limits are those things that you do NOT want to push. Pushing them will land you in the hospital. These include things like feeling like you’re ready to pass out or collapse, severe cramps, intense nausea, and sharp pains. Learn to listen to your body. Don’t ever push yourself so hard that you hurt yourself.

The reason I bring this up is because so many people use their perceived limits as a reason to stop and give up. Yes, you’re going to be tired. You’re going to be sore. You will look like hell, and maybe even a little ridiculous. But don’t let the fear of of these things get in your way. This is where YOU are the only thing holding you back.

Example of looking both terrible AND ridiculous.

In order to push yourself, figure out what types of things you need to do to force yourself to move forward. For me, I plan my routes in a manner that I HAVE to finish. Even if it means walking the rest of the way back, I at least did my mileage. I know that I tend to hit that “I HATE THIS. WHY AM I DOING THIS?” point about halfway through my run. So I make sure that at my halfway mark, there is no available shortcut. I just have to do it.

Let me tell you, pre-run me and post-run me hate each other. Pre-run me is a bitch that is way too enthusiastic about what she’s doing. Post-run me is usually an exhausted ball of pain.

In the words of Nike and Shia LeBouf, just do it.


So, I must say, I was very surprised by the level of interest in my running efforts. Thank you to everyone reading this for your continued support.

To start, I really need to begin with prefacing where I’m currently at.

To do that, I need to go back to 2015. This is when Jean decided to make the executive decision that we’re doing Savage Race. At the time, I was on a huge exercise kick, so I guess he felt that was a great time to throw me into a mud run.

This led to me training with 3.5 mile runs through Jerusalem. (Still my favorite running spot to date.)


Jerusalem at 5am.


My tired ass running at 5am.

I am very thankful that my professor for my graduate Israel trip is an avid runner and put together a group every morning. Otherwise I probably would have died during Savage Race.


The worst picture of me I could find.



I’d like to point out how insanely swollen my fingers are in the above picture. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM.

After two Savage Races, my dear friend Jan saw I had started running and asked if I would want to do a Disney run with her. Her charity, Team FORCE, had race bibs they needed to sell, and would waive the fundraising for me if I opted to participate. After some thought, I decided to go for it. Naturally, me being me, I chose to do the challenge course (a 10k and half marathon) right out the gate without any training. Because I’m an idiot. Don’t be like me. Seriously. You’ll probably hurt yourself.



Not pictured: My hip locking up at mile 6 during the Half.

I came to learn very quickly that once you run with Jan, you’re in it for life. (Love you!)

This trend then led to Tough Mudder.

I have to say, I have zero upper body strength to do mud runs. Like, none. Walls are my enemy.


Beer: the best part of mud runs.

After this came a pretty consistent slew of Disney runs. As of right now, I have completed three half marathons, five 10k’s, and two 5k’s. All of them through Team FORCE. Most of them with training.

So, this now brings us to today. I just did two last minute runs for the Disney Marathon Weekend, and I have the full Princess weekend next month. In April, I will start my extensive training for my first FULL marathon next January.

For the rest of this blog, I’ll be sharing my running experience, tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past few years, and some motivational tidbits about food, fitness, and general nerdy interests. You’ll also definitely see shameless plugs for Jean’s podcast, Role Charisma.

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