Down With The Sickness

So this is less a proper blog post, and more an update to let you all know I’m not dead.

I ended up with the flu and have spent nearly the last week huddled up on the sofa with the cats playing The Sims 4.

It was miserable.

BUT, I did make a few good discoveries.

First, Coffee Over Cardio. They’re a great female owned and operated brand out of Texas. And they have GREAT coffee. They also support a healthy fitness lifestyle, and quite frankly, their packaging is adorable.

Oh dear, how did Role Charisma¬†end up in there…

Second, I got to schedule my interview for my doctorate application.


Keep your fingers crossed for me. This will be a HUGE deal if I get accepted.

This also led to me spending quite a bit of time prepping for my interview by listening to podcasts and refreshing my knowledge of political science. FYI, doing this on cold/flu medicine is very difficult. I spent a lot of it trying not to fall asleep.

My look for the next few years if I get accepted. (Sorry Jean)

Today is still blah in regards to being back at full health. My whole body doesn’t ache anymore and the sneezing/coughing has calmed down, but I still can’t breathe through my nose. Can’t have everything I suppose.

I have finally gotten around to formally hanging my medals, though! They were totally not all thrown on a bent wire hanger in my closet all this time. Nope.

Kudos to The McGarvey Workshop for their fantastic craftsmanship.

Hopefully this week I’ll be back running and kickboxing. Stay tuned!

Seriously, how does Role Charisma keep showing up???

(Side note, I took a bunch of pictures for Jean’s podcast while I was bored and sick. They’re somewhat¬†relevant.)